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The Mobile Website platform delivers a fast, convenient, and easy method of converting mobile websites to mobile applications. Mobile applications published can be accessed right from the mobile desktop (no need to access a browser). Applications can be viewed offline, and deliver deeper functionality depending on the operating system and device capabilities. A custom desktop icon can be created for each application, along with a fully editable splash screen (load screen) to enhance the user experience and build your brand. It integrates application publishing directly into the mobile website control panel.


Install Mobile Website by clicking on the Install tab. Click next to initialize mobile web service to your website. Installation wizard will enable mobile redirection.

Note: Mobile redirection DNS settings will be propagated in 24-48 hours

Mobile Web Services

This section will enable you to convert your mobile website into a mobile application. Please refer to the help guide within this section for more information.

Note: To create a mobile application you need to create the mobile site first. Applications for all supported platforms are generated automatically from the same source as your mobile web site.

Uninstall Mobile Website

In order to uninstall this application, click on the Uninstall tab. Click on “Next” in order to finalize the uninstall process.

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