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Introduction to Photo Album

The Photo Album application allows you to quickly create, update and publish one or more online photo albums that you can share with friends, family and coworkers.

Photo Album also contains a built-in, easy-to-use image editor, useful for removing redeye, cropping, adjusting brightness and contrast, and other frequently-used tools for enhancing the general quality of photos.

Create New Album

Step 1

  • To create a new photo album, click "create new album". You will be asked to provide a name and a (optional) description of your new album. If you like, you can also set the background and text colors that will be used with your photo album.

Step 2

Uploading photos

This step allows you to upload photos and add captions ("descriptions") to your pictures.

  • You can upload pictures using your web browser by clicking "upload photos".
  • Only pictures in GIF, JPEG/JPG and PNG format can be used with Photo Album. Digital cameras and image editing programs, such as Photoshop and iPhoto (Mac OSX) support these image formats.

Adding descriptions

You can add a description (caption) for each picture, which will appear while viewing the photo album.

  • To add or change a description for a picture, click on the "edit description" button below the picture.

Deleting pictures

If you want to remove a picture form your photo album, click the "delete photo" button, located beneath the picture.

  • To restore a deleted picture, you must upload it again. See uploading photos for additional information.

Editing Pictures

To edit a picture, click the "edit picture" button beneath the picture. A full-size image of the picture will be loaded into the image editor. The following features are available in the image editor:

  • Zoom In/Zoom out: clicking on these buttons in the top-right corner will allow you to zoom in and out.
  • Crop: clicking the crop button and then clicking and dragging across the picture allows you to select the part of the picture you wish to keep; the unselected area of the picture will be cropped.
  • Resize: opens a pop-up which allows you to select a new size for the picture. Unchecking "preserve aspect ratio" will allow you to select sizes which do not use the picture's original aspect ratio.
  • Contrast: this option provides you with a slider, allowing you to alter the contrast of the picture. Altering the contrast adjusts the amount of separation between the lightest and darkest colors in a picture: a extremely low contrast setting will mak e apicture appear muddy and gray; an extremely high contrast setting can make a picture appear washed-out.
  • Brightness: similar to the contrast feature, this option will allow you to change the overall brightness of the picture. Instead of adjusting the difference between the lightest and darkest colors, increasing or decreasing the brightness of a picture will adjust how light or dark all color are to an equal degree. An extremely high brightness setting will produce a blank, white image; an extremely low brightness setting will darken all colors to black.
  • Sharpness: this feature displays a slider which allows you to alter the sharpness of the picture, which attempts to make edges of shapes either sharper or duller in appearance. Pictures with reduced sharpness will appear blurry; pictures with high sharpness can appear grainy.
  • Exposure: the exposure option can be used to simulate an over- or under-exposure.
  • Red eye removal: this tool can be used to reduce or eliminate red-eye in photographs. First, select the red eye removal tool, then select a square around the eye you want to have red-eye reduction applied to (tip: zoom in on the picture first, making it easier to select an area around the subject's eye). Then click "apply".
  • Effects: when you click this option, you are presented with two effects you can add to the photograph: gray scale, and sepia. Select the effect you want to apply and view the result.

Step 3

This step allows you to select view style for your album

  • Click next to publish your album.
    • You will see an on-screen message indicating that publishing is complete. A URL is also displayed, indicating the location that the album has been published to. You can view your album online by clicking this link.

Manage Albums

Here you can administer and edit existing albums you have already created.

Edit Album

You can edit album by clicking on the Edit button.

  • You can follow the same steps as described in the Step 1

Delete Album

You can delete any album by clicking on the trash can icon

  • To delete multiple albums check Delete album checkbox and click Delete checked albums.

Publish Album

TO publish an album click on the publish button.

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