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Using the Site Checker function

The Site Checker function allows you to view the structure of your website, check your pages for broken links, list links pointing to external sites, view your website images, get a run-down of problems sorted by author, locate pages that may be slow to download, show new and old pages, give pages that have no title and show links that are not checked.

Checking internal and external links

You can generate reports for internal and external links, and there is an optional flag that allows you to exclude external links during site checking.

Normally, when Site checker is examining a page and finds a link that points to an external document, it will check to see if that external document exists. If the check external links option is disabled, external links will not be checked.

Using the "Verifying external links" option takes between 5 and 10 minutes to complete.

Checking a secured website

If you have set website authentication, the username and password must be entered in order for the page(s) to be checked.

Site Checker allows only one username/password combination, therefore all protected directories must have a common username/password. The common username/password can be an administration password or it can be created for the express purpose of checking the site and be deleted after the check is completed.=

Pointing Site Checker to your home page

The base URL points to the document that is the top level of your site, commonly referred to as the "home page". The Site Checker will start following all links and URLs beginning with this page.

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