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Using the Promote Site function

The Promote Site function allows you to promote your site by automatically sending promotion material to the top search engines.

To promote your website, select the appropriate URL from the list provided. Enter the page that you want to promote and your contact email address. Click the "Next" button to continue. Information concerning the selected page is collected and displayed on the promotion page.

Your submission will be reviewed by the search engine, and may be added to its database within several weeks. There is no guarantee that any search engine will list your site.

Selecting search engines

After editing your site's descriptive information, select the search engines to be contacted. Click the "Next" button to complete the process.

Your site promotion information is presented in a form that is acceptable to the search engines. The search engine's response codes are compared to known responses and the results are displayed in real-time.

Unsuccessful search engine submissions

Search engines make no guarantees of any kind that they will list your site in a search. If your website is not listed after a few months, there can be several explanations.

  • Your content is dynamically generated. Some spiders can easily overwhelm and crash sites serving dynamic content, so search engines limit the dynamic pages they index.
  • Your page uses frames. Frames tend to cause problems with search engines, because frames don't fit the conceptual model of the web where every page corresponds to a single URL.
  • The URL contains special characters such as: ?, =, %, &.
  • The host server is non-operational when the spider is working.
  • The URL is submitted without the "http://" prefix, or does not include a trailing slash (“/”) if the URL doesn’t include a file name(e.g.,

For more specific guidelines about a particular search engine, please refer to the search engine’s help files.

More information about search engines

Different search engines use different criteria to determine a website’s rank in a search. There is no guarantee that any search engine will list your site after you use the site promote application. You should read each search engine’s help files to learn exactly how websites are ranked. Understanding how search engines work will help you use these tools more effectively.

Note: The name of each search engine in the site promote application is a link to the search engine to help you find more information.

Generally speaking, search engines match criteria entered by a user with information contained in a database of Internet resources. These resources can be anything from HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) links to File Transfer Protocol (FTP) links to Newsgroup postings and references. Some search engines are more effective than others due to the size of the resource database and the method in which it is queried.

Many search engines use “spiders” that roam the Internet looking for websites. These spiders crawl from page to page via hyperlinks, so the more sites that link to you, the more likely it is that the spiders will find you. Other search engines use criteria such as the title, keyword meta tags, word frequency in the document, and document length to determine your listing.

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