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Introduction to SSL Manager

SSL Manager is an online tool that helps you set-up SSL security for your site and web applications. If you utilize forms, online payment, or collect sensitive information, you require SSL Security. The SSL Manager application allows you to choose between generic SSL certificates that are included in your hosting package or to create a vanity Certificate specifically for your site. Having an SSL certificate will ensure that your transactions or sensitive content is protected and secure. With SSL Manager, their confidential information cannot be intercepted.

Getting started

When you first launch SSL Manager a “Getting Started with SSL Manager” page is loaded.

The Main Menu, located to the top-right, remains static throughout all of SSL Manager and you will be able to navigate to whichever section you wish by clicking on the menu options:

  • Generic SSL: The “Generic SSL” button allows you to set up our generic SSL certificate on your domain
  • Vanity SSL: The “Vanity SSL” button allows you to set up a Private SSL Certificate.
  • Renew SSL: The “Renew SSL” button appears as soon as GeoTrust SSL Certificate is installed for your domain. Renew SSL allows you to install your own SSL Certificate.

The sub-menu, located to the top-left, provides the following options:

  • Home/Getting Started: These links will move you to the main menu of SSL Manager
  • Help: The “Help” link will open online help for SSL Manager in a new window.
  • Feedback: Use feedback to submit comments, suggestions or report a problem to the development team.
  • Free SSL: This will show you the current status of your Free SSL Certificate.
  • Vanity SSL: This will show you the current status of your Private SSL Certificate.

The Generic SSL Wizard

Once you have clicked Generic SSL, your SSL Certificate will be installed on your domain and notification window “Generic SSL Installed” will point out your secure URL.

The URL which should be used to access your website via the free SSL is posted on the screen. You can view this URL any time by clicking on the "Generic SSL" button.

The Vanity SSL Wizard

The Vanity SSL wizard allows you to install a private SSL certificate on your computer. Private SSL certificates are provided by third-parties such as Verisign and GeoTrust. Installing a Private ("Vanity") SSL certificate on your website allows your site to be securely accessed using HTTPS, e.g.

  • In the first step, you need to enter your contact information. Click Next.
  • In the second step, review and confirm that this information is correct. Click Next.
  • In the third step, a CSR is generated. Please copy this generated CSR key and take it to the SSL issuer of your choice to purchase an SSL certificate. Please ensure that when purchasing an SSL certificate, "Apache mod_ssl" is selected. Click Next.
  • Your SSL certificate should be sent to you in the form of a block of text similar in appearance to the CSR. Copy and paste this SSL certificate into the space provided and click "Next". Note: while waiting to receive an SSL certificate from a third-party provider, you do not need to leave the SSL manageropen at this step. Once you receive the SSL certificate, you can open the SSL Manager application and skip to this step to pick up wherey ou left off.
  • Your Private SSL certificate is installed.
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